Listening skills

In this section we will focus mainly on practising your listening skill.

How well can you understand numbers and time in French?

Can you understand someone describing their daily routine?

How many reflexive verbs can you remember?

The video link at the bottom of this page gives you the opportunity to listen to someone describing their daily routine, then she ask you questions in English about what she has described. She gives you the answers too so you can check your understanding.

Listen to the video as many tmes as you like, remember to think about listening out for different pieces of information each time you listen. For example you might want to listen out for a time first and when you listen again, listen out for one of the reflexive verbs you met in the last section.

​​​​​​​Good luck!

Differences between schools in France and the UK

Have a look at the lunch menu in the picture above – this is an example of a typical meal at lunch time in France. What do you think? Does this look like what you eat at lunch time?

Why don’t you do some research and see what other differences you can find? Maybe you could report back to your class about what you have learnt and conduct a class survey – where would you rather go to school? France or the UK?

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Quiz on telling the time
  2. Quiz on daily routine
  3. A typical school day

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