This unit will focus on the subjects you learn at school and what you think of those subjects.

How many of these school subjects do you know or can you recognise? Remember cognates help you with unfamiliar words!

We will also be reminding ourselves of how we tell the time in French; not just using o’clock and half past but also 10 to and 20 to.

We have looked at opinion verbs in previous units, take a look at the phrases below and see how they can be used in the context of school.

‘Recycling’ language is really important in French, this means that you can use phrases that you have learnt in previous topics and apply them to a new topic. For example, in the last section we looked at opinion verbs in the context of sport but we can ‘recycle’ these phrases and use them in a new context – ‘school’.


English – l’anglais

Mathematics – les mathématiques

Modern Languages – les langues vivantes

French – la français

Spanish – l’espagnol

German – l’allemand

Physics – la physique

Chemistry – la chimie

Biologie – la biologie

Design Technology – le travail manuel éducatif (TME)

Art – le dessin

Computing (IT) – l’informatique

Music – la musique

Geography – la géographie

History – l’histoire

Physical Education (PE) – l’éducation physique et sportive (EPS)

Religious Education (RE) – l’instruction religieuse

Describing your school

Take a look at the video below where you can learn lots of words to help you describe your school.

What buildings and rooms are there in and around your school?

Remember to listen carefully and repeat everything you hear, try to sound as French as possible!

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Schools in France
  2. A school day in France

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