GEOGRAPHICAL SKILLS – 5a Latitude and Longitude

Geographic skills provide the necessary tools and techniques for us to think geographically.

Geographic skills are used in making decisions important to everyday life. For example,where to buy or rent a home; where to get a job; how to get to work or to a friend’s house; and where to shop, where to go on holiday, or go to school.

All of these decisions involve the ability to acquire, arrange, and use geographic information.

Your geographical skills develop through regular practice.

Historically, when people began to travel long distances over deserts or seas, they needed a way to fix their position. Accordingly, a global grid was developed, incorporating lines of latitude and longitude.

Today, it’s all done electronically through GPS, a world-wide radio navigation system made up of a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. These ‘artificial stars’ are used as reference points to calculate a terrestrial position to within an accuracy of a few metres. In fact, with advanced forms of GPS you can make measurements to within a centimetre.

Latitude and Longitude

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