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Writing down information into a report is not always the best way to express information. Geographers often use graphs because they are a simple, yet effective, way of showing statistical data. It is important for students to be familiar with a variety of graphs, since each one is best suited to represent certain types of information.

Climate graphs show average rainfall and temperatures typically experienced in a particular location. The temperature is shown on a line graph, and rainfall on a bar graph. They are usually represented on the same set of axes with the months of the year along the base.

Climate statistics

Governments around the world collect climate data. This makes it possible to compare the climate of different places. In Australia, the data is collected by the Bureau of Meteorology from more than 1,000 sites. While many sites have records going back more than 100 years, data is normally released to the public once the Bureau has records dating back 10 years.

Climate Graphs

Climate Graphs

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