HUMAN GEOGRAPHY – 3a(ii) China & its Economy

China is a very important place in the modern world. It’s economy is growing fast. Only the USA has a bigger economy.

China’s economy has developed through manufacturing. If you look at many items in your house you will see the label ‘Made in China’.

Watch the video below to learn about how and why China’s economy has grown so rapidly.


In the last century China’s economy has changed greatly. It’s traditional economy was based upon farm production and activities in the countryside. People demonstrated their wealth by how much land they owned. Their farming industry was doing very well, and the population began to grow as there was lots of food to feed people, so they were healthy and lived for longer. Once the population really grew there was then not enough food to feed everyone, so poverty and hunger spread.

In 1949 the government changed and focussed on developing the economy of China. The size of China’s economy doubled between 1990 and 2001, with the value of their currency (the Yuan) improving during this time.

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