PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – 4c Tropical Rainforests

Tropical rainforests occur in tropical climates around the world. The most famous rainforest being the Amazon, in Brazil. Rainforest is described as tall, hot and dense forest near the equator and is believed to be the oldest living ecosystems on Earth which gets maximum amount of rainfall. This type of habitat is very different, in comparison to many of the other habitats that you are used to being around. Here you will be able to develop your knowledge and understanding of the tropical rainforests and test yourself to see what you have understood.

Rainforests are found close to the equator which temperatures and rainfall are very high thoughou the year. Major areas of tropical rainforests are in South East Asia, West Africa and South and Central America. It might not surprise you to find out that there are no dry seasons in the rainforest. Typically, the rainforests receive between 175 and 200cm of rain every year!

Rainforests are vitally important to our planet, but they are under threat from humans though mining and being cut down and land being converted to faming land. Many organisations worldwide are working to try to conserve the rainforests.

Watch the video below to see how plants compete to survive in tropical rainforests.

Tree and Plant Life in the Jungle

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