Geography National Curriculum :-

Pupils should learn about:- 1 – Locational Knowledge, 2 – Place Knowledge, 3 – Human Geography, 4 –  Physical Geography and 5 –  Geographical Skills and Fieldwork.

Click on the links below to learn about each topic in the KS2 Geography course.

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 1. LOCATIONAL KNOWLEDGEUnited KingdomEuropeNorth AmericaSouth America The World 
 2. PLACE KNOWLEDGEBirmingham – UKFrance – EuropeGreece – EuropeBrazil – South America  
Second CityThe CountryAncient GreeceRio de Janeiro  
 3. HUMAN GEOGRAPHYChina and its PeopleIndia and its PeopleSettlement Studies   
China and its EconomyIndia and its Economy    
 4. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWeatherCold EnvironmentsTropical RainforestsWater Cycle and Rivers Mountains Volcanoes and  Earthquakes
 5.  GEOGRAPHICAL SKILLS and FIELDWORKLatitude & LongitudeMap SkillsGrid ReferencesGraphical Skills

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