Anglo-Saxons & Scots – 3b Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Who were the Anglo Saxons?

The last Roman soldiers left Britain in 410. The Anglo Saxons then came in ships across the North Sea. The Anglo-Saxon era in Britain was from around AD410 to 1066.

They came from Northern Europe including: Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. They settled in ‘Angle-land’ or England.

By the AD400s, Roman rule was ending and Britain was being attacked by the Picts and Scots from the north, and the Anglo-Saxons from the sea. The Romans had built forts along the coast to fight off the sea-raiders and Hadrian’s wall defended them but when the Romans left, Britain no longer had the strong Roman army to defend it from the invaders.

There were many battles between Anglo-Saxons and native Britons. but gradually over time, the Anglo-Saxons took control of most of Britain.​​​​​​​

Why did they come?

There are many reasons, including:

1) Some Anglo-Saxons were warriors who enjoyed fighting. They thought the Britons were weak and easy to beat without the Romans around.

2) Many Anglo-Saxons came peacefully, to find land to farm. Their homelands in Scandinavia often flooded so it was tough to grow enough food back there.

3) Whole families set sail across the sea to live in Britain. They brought tools, weapons and farm animals with them and built villages with new homes.

4) With Picts and Scots attacking from the north, the Britons invited some Anglo-Saxons to help defend them but they didn’t leave! They took over.

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