The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age is from 2500BC to 800BC. In the Bronze Age ancient Britons learned to work with copper, tin, gold and bronze.

Bronze Age people lived in small communities led by a warrior chief. They gathered together for religious ceremonies and built circular tombs (known as round barrows) for important men and women.

The Beaker culture also spread to Britain. The Beaker way of life involved making pottery and metal, holding feasts and building stone circles.

By 2100BC, Britons were mining metals. Trading ships travelled to mainland Europe carrying copper, tin and precious objects made by metalworkers.

Some settlers who arrived belonged to the Beaker culture. Beaker people lived in clans led by powerful chiefs. They held religious ceremonies at stone circles, and buried their dead in circular graves. These customs became part of life in Ancient Britain.

Who was the Amesbury Archer?

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