A KS2 History – Roman Britain – 2a Julius Caesar

Roman Empire and the Impact on Britain.

Around 2,000 years ago, Britain was ruled by tribes of people called the Celts. But this was about to change. For around a century, the Roman army had been building an Empire across Europe. Now it was coming for Britain!

In AD43, the full might of the Roman army landed on the beaches in Kent. Over the next year it battled inland, storming through hillforts and chopping down anyone who stood in their way.

The Romans wanted Britain’s precious metals. They called the land ‘Britannia’, which meant ‘land of tin’. However, they weren’t just a destructive force – they built new forts, new settlements and roads. They spread their culture, language and laws.

Roman Invasion

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 55BC, a fleet of ships carrying 20,000 Roman soldiers arrived on the Kent coast. At their head was Julius Caesar, – Rome’s greatest general. Waiting for them on the beach were thousands of Celtic warriors. The Romans struggled to land and stormy seas wrecked their ships. Caesar had underestimated the Britons (and their weather) and he was forced to return home.

The next year, he was back with 50,000 soldiers. This time the Romans were too strong. They defeated many tribes and marched all the way to the River Thames. After three months of fighting, the Romans left Britain to stop a rebellion in Gaul.

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