History National Curriculum :-

Pupils should learn about:- 1. Pre-Roman Britain, 2. Roman Britain, 3. Anglo-Saxons & Scots, 4. Anglo-Saxons & Vikings, 5. Local History, 6. Extended chronological study 7. Ancient Civilizations, 8, Ancient Greece and 9. A Non-European Study

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1. PRE-ROMAN BRITAINLate NeolithicBronze AgeIron Age Hill Forts
2. ROMAN BRITAINJulius CaesarPower of the ArmyInvasionBritish ResistanceRomanisation
3. ANGLO-SAXONS & SCOTSAD 410Anglo-Saxon InvasionScots InvasionAnglo-Saxon CultureChristian Conversion
4. ANGLO-SAXONS & VIKINGSViking raidsAlfred the GreatFurther Viking InvasionAnglo-Saxon JusticeEdward the Confessor
5. EXTENDED CHRONOLOGICAL STUDYPower of MonarchsCrime and PunishmentGreek/Roman InfluenceBattle of Britain
6. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONSAncient SumerThe Indus Valley Ancient Egypt Shang Dynasty
7. ANCIENT GREECEGreek Life Greek Influence
8. NON-EUROPEAN STUDYEarly Islamic SocietyMayan CivilisationBenin AD 900-1300

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