King Edward VI Foundation, Birmingham

The King Edward VI Foundation, Birmingham, is involved in education at eleven schools across the City. We are able to assist our two independent schools, six free grammar schools and our three multi-ability schools via the management of historic land assets which were passed on to us from as long ago as 1552. Our schools represent the multi-cultural and diverse population of the City and we want to ensure that all children from all backgrounds can attempt to access our schools.

FEE PAYING SCHOOLS – Whilst our Independent Schools, King Edward’s and King Edward VI High School for Girls are fee paying they do offer free and assisted places for able boys and girls, regardless of the financial circumstances of their families. Money is made available through the Assisted Places Scheme to provide support with fees which ensures that both schools are accessible to all boys and girls.

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOLS VIA AN ENTRANCE TEST – Our six Grammar Schools are free but children have to sit an Entrance Test (sometimes known as the 11+). Our admissions policies were changed in 2014 with the creation of a separate qualifying score by which priority was given to admit high attaining children on free school meals. There are no fees. There is no discrimination on religious, racial, or social grounds. There are no reserved places for pupils from junior schools, state or private.

Only a sufficient score in the entrance test gives entry. Visit our Academy pages for more information.

FREE NON-SELECTIVE SCHOOLS WITHOUT AN ENTRANCE TEST – Entry to our multi-ability schools at Sheldon Heath Academy, (which is mixed), Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy and Balaam Wood Academy (also mixed) is free and children do not have to pass an entrance test.