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Gifted and Talented

We are aware that there are many naturally gifted and talented children in this City who do not have the opportunity to consider taking the entrance exam for our grammar or independent schools.

We are often asked “How do I know if my child is naturally gifted and talented?” and we always suggest that parents ask the school for their child’s predicted SATs scores along with their child’s reading age.

Generally speaking children who are successful in our exam are at Level 5 or 6 with their SATs and should have a reading age of 13-15 years.

Over 5,000 children sit entrance exams to our grammar and Independent schools every year, which is considerably more than the places that are available, so unfortunately there are a lot of disappointed children.

We really do advise parents to be certain of their child’s ability before they register for the test. Children should not be entered because tests are free, neither should they enter if they have little chance of success.