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Welcome to “Opening Doors” a series of activities we are organising for children and their teachers and sometimes parents. We call it “Opening Doors” because we are opening doors into a variety of buldings and environments which we hope will provide as many opportunities for bright children to enter our five free grammar schools.

We want to open doors to venues across Birmingham where you can enjoy challenging and fun sessions which we hope will provide opportunites for you to consider entry to one of our five free grammar schools. Our “Opening Doors” sessions will provide:

  • Access to on-line resources with FROG who will make learning fun on their educational website
  • Priority booking to The Learning Hub, a new sponsored facility at Birmingham Airport
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths lessons with “Phizz Labs”
  • Outdoor activities and Forest School sessions
  • Holiday schools
  • Visits from 6th Form mentors
  • Regular newsletter and
  • Familiarisation for the 11+ test
  • Contact for more information

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