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11+ Familiarisation

We are trying to encourage bright children to take the 11+grammar schools test.

Welcome to our 11+ familiarisation section. Since 2014 we have been working with primary schools to offer opportunities for bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter our selective schools. you may recall we changed our Admissions policies in order to get 20% of children on Free School Meals into our schools and we are succeeding with that challenge.

In addition to the policy change we also developed a series of “familiarisation” sessions at our grammar schools. Whilst they have been attended by over 2000 children we recognise and have had direct feedback from you that there are challenges with getting your children to these sessions, whether that be with transport, costs or staff resources.

We have now decided to offer these familiarisation online and would like to work with you to ensure that we can still reach your high attaining children who can benefit from this resource. In addition all of our schools will still be offering opportunities to visit them with activities which will be challenging and fun.

This new online initiative will coincide with registration for the Entrance Test which begins on the 1st May 2018.