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The Learning Hub @ Birmingham Airport

Welcome to “The Learning Hub” @ Birmingham Airport. We think this is the only teaching facility at an airport and we want you and your school to enjoy the fantastic timetable of lessons and activities that we hope to put on here.

All of the facilities and activities are FREE and here are some of the lessons and equipment you can enjoy here:

  • I-pads to use for lessons
  • “Phizz-Labs” A science partnership with The Ogden Trust who promote and deliver fantastic Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths lessons to primary school pupils such as “Forces” and “Rockets”
  • Access to on-line resources with FROG who will make learning fun on their educational website
  • The opportunity to tour the building as part of your lessons
  • A unique building which will have lesson zones for English, Maths, Geography, History, Languages, Religion, Computer coding, and more.
  • We also want you to bring your parents to some of the lessons