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King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

The school is for girls aged 11 to 18 and is based in beautiful grounds on Vicarage Road, Kings Heath. Although the school shares a campus with Camp Hill Boys’ School the two operate as separate establishments.

Excellent facilities are provided for its girls and they produce events in conjunction with the boys’ school, such as major music concerts, and occasional drama activities. Although the swimming pool and sports hall are shared they are used separately by boys and girls.

The school reflects the population in the City of Birmingham and girls are actively encouraged to acquire the understanding, knowledge, skills, qualifications and interests that will help them find fulfilment in their future lives and careers.

Girls regularly achieve top positions in the national league tables of examination results and go on to the best universities in the country.

Mrs L. Johnson, Headteacher of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
Mrs L. Johnson (Headteacher)
“The students who leave us should be feisty, caring, confident young women who will have very fond memories of their time with us”