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Mental health is influenced by a range of social, biological and psychological factors including social connections and physical activity. If we know what factors are in our power to change and what resources we can draw on to support ourselves, we will have autonomy over our own wellbeing. We hope this site goes some way in helping you to achieve this. Always remember that it is OK to not be OK and that it is important to talk and reach out to the right people who can support you. There are lots of helpline numbers here, but we urge you to talk to your parents/family members, or teachers at school, if you are concerned about your wellbeing.

Kooth: Free online counselling support for young people. Sign up at Kooth.comResources to help students with:

Things to try that may help:

Please seek help from a professional or a support organisation if you find you are struggling.
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Tips from Mental Health First Aid England to help manage stress:

Artwork by Maja, King Edward VI Five Ways School, 2020