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11+ Familiarisation

Welcome to our 11+ familiarisation section. We want to work with your able, gifted and talented children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many children do not have the opportunity to visit one of our schools so we are providing 5 x 2 hour visits to enjoy lessons and exercises which will be challenging and fun. The final session will probably be held on a Saturday morning and your parents can come along for a school tour.

  • 5 x 2 hour sessions that are fun and challenging
  • Free non-verbal reasoning book for you to practice during the summer holidays
  • The chance to attend our summer schools
  • Access to on-line resources with FROG who will make learning fun on their educational website
  • Familiarisation with the 11+ test

Our five grammar schools will be running these sessions on the dates below but you must contact the school and speak to the co-ordinator to book your children on them:

  • King Edward VI Aston (close to Villa Park)
  • King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls (just off the Soho Road)
  • Dates
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys(close to Highbury Park, Kings Heath)
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls(close to Highbury Park, Kings Heath)
  • Dates
  • King Edward VI Five Ways, Mixed (next to the reservoir in Bartley Green)
  • Dates