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The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is an educational facility based at Birmingham Airport that is completely free to use. The Schools of King Edward VI are sponsors of this fantastic resource which was created to inspire teachers, pupils and parents. Previously, The Learning Hub provided free learning, events and opportunities for children from all over the city and it is still available for schools to use for their own events.

If you would like to use the space for any of your events, please get in touch with us by emailing for further information. We have also created free curriculum resources for children, teachers and parents to use and you can look at these here.

If you would like to subscribe to our email list to be made aware of any further educational events we organise, please email us at and we will add you to our list.

Finally, we are currently running an Online Familiarisation Course which is made available to those children who apply to take the entrance test to our schools and indicate that they are receiving Free School Meals.