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The Learning Hub

Welcome to “The Learning Hub” an educational facility based at Birmingham Airport that is completely free to use. As sponsors of this fantastic resource we aim to refurbish the area and work with other educational partners to provide an environment which will inspire teachers, pupils and parents.

The Learning Hub is part of the affiliation scheme with your school that will provide learning in:

  • PHYSICS – The Phizz Lab will be delivering “Forces” and “Rockets”
  • Access to on-line resources with FROG a virtual learning environment
  • Priority booking to The Learning Hub
  • Free parking for coach or mini-bus
  • Free Passport booklet for children
  • Tour the airport building as part of your lesson plan
  • Visits from 6th Form mentors
  • Regular newsletter
  • Familiarisation for the 11+ test
  • Professional development courses for teachers and parents