The Little Bears Detective Club

Welcome to The Little Bears Detective Club

The charity, The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham has been on the landscape of the City since 1552 and currently support eight schools.

(Two Independent Schools, five Grammar Schools and a sponsored Academy in Sheldon).

The Big Sleuth facilitates dialogue with primary schools across the Greater Birmingham area which allows us to promote our own “Opening Doors” campaign which looks to inspire and encourage bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider opportunities at our selective schools.

The initiative has seen the free school meal cohort of our five Grammar Schools rise to 20% (25% at Aston).

As Educational Sponsor we are extremely grateful to Wild in Art and Birmingham Children’s Hospital for allowing us to create and promote a competition called The Little Bears Detective Club.

The Big Sleuth

We look forward to the summer when all of the bear sculptures, large and small will be waiting for children, parents and family members to take photographs, write stories, poems and blogs, send tweets and create hashtags.

How to Paint your bear with Jenny Leonard:
Watch how Jenny Leonard painted Inspector Claw-So. For tips on how to decorate your bear, follow the linkbelow.

Watch the Jenny Leonard Video